Wrap The Mummy

How To Play Wrap the Mummy - Party Game - Toilet Paper

Silly and really fun game where the goal is to cover a teammate up with toilet paper. Making him or her look like a mummy!

I think the above text explains this game pretty well. Yes, it is extremely wasteful using up loads of toilet paper. But so is using gift wrapping paper that most of the time just gets thrown away by the end of the party.

Bear in mind that this game usually requires a bit of cleaning up afterwards. On the positive side this can also be turned into a game (look under Game options down below).

You need

  • About two rolls of toilet paper per team. Each team usually consists of three players, but more or less is fine too.


Divide the kids up into teams of three if possible. Minimum players per team is two.

How to play Wrap the Mummy

  1. Have the teams decide which player on their team that should acts as the mummy. (This person will soon be completely covered in toilet paper.)
  2. On the count of three, the goal is for each team to completely cover their teammate in toilet paper. Making them look like a mummy!
  3. The winner of the game is the team that covers as much of their mummy-teammate as possible.
  4. The difficulty can also be adjusted to say that the winner is (let´s say) the team using up all their toilet paper first. All depending on the age and mood of the kids playing.

Game options

Even though (historically) mummies where completely covered in gauze bandages we recommend not covering the up head of the toilet paper mummy, to avoid any suffocation accidents. However it is of course up to you how you play the game!

Bonus clean up game: Since Wrap the Mummy usually creates a bit of necessary cleaning up afterwards this actually calls for a perfect second game. Give each team a bag or basket. Whatever team that is able to fill their bag or basket with the most amount of toilet paper wins. The kids won´t know what you made them do before it´s too late.


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