The Chopsticks Game

How to play - Chopsticks Party Game - Birthday - Kids

Moving items (or candy) from one bowl to another using only chopsticks can be quite challenging – making it a great party game!

This is one of those great low effort, low planning but loads of fun games. The goal is super simple. With the help of a pair of chopsticks the players are supposed to move all the items from one bowl to another. Simple, brilliant and sometimes extremely annoying.

You will need

  • One pair of chopsticks for every player (a few spares are usually good too).
  • Two small bowls or containers per player.
  • Tiny items to put in the bowls. The difficulty of the game increases or decreases depending on what item you use. Moving marshmallows with chopsticks is relatively easy while rice grains and marbles usually gives up more of a challenge.


Have the participating children sit down by a table and give each player a pair of chopsticks. Put two bowls in front of each player. One of the bowls should contain the item that are supposed to be moved to the other bowl (for example five rice grains).

How to play the Chopsticks Game

  1. The goal of the game is simply to move the rice grains (or your picked items) one by one from one bowl to the other.
  2. Players are only allowed to use the chopsticks.
  3. If an item is dropped it can be picked up using the players hands. However the item needs to go back into the starting-bowl.
  4. The winner is the player that first transfers all of his or her rice grains (or whatever item you´re using) to the second bowl!

Game options

To make the game even more challenging have the players walking (or running!) a short stretch while carrying the item with the chopsticks!

The game can also be altered with players of different ages having increasingly harder items to move. And in the case that parents join in don´t forget to up the level of difficulty even more. Maybe placing the bowls way apart or having them run a lap around the table holding their item in the chopsticks.


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