Simon Says

How To Play Simon Says - Kids Party Game

Simon Says is the classic game where all the players have to imitate the one being Simon – that is if Simon says “Simon Says” before telling players what to do!

Most people probably already know this one. Apart from Hide and Seek it might just be one of the most famous games of all time. The setup is very simple, yet effective. One player gets to be Simon. Simon then gets to call out what all the other participants are supposed to do.

The catch is however that the players only are supposed to act out what Simon says if it starts with “Simon says…”. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it´s not. It´s fun though! This is how you do it.

You will need

  • No prop is needed for playing Simon Says. All you need is a minimum of two players!


Decide for one person to start being Simon. Have all the other kids standing in front of Simon, facing him or her.

How to play Simon Says

  1. The goal of the person being Simon is to order the rest of the players to act out what he or she says. For example Simon can say “jump three times” or “touch your feet“.
  2. The players then has to act out what Simon says. The catch is however that unless Simon starts the command with “Simon says” (for example “Simon says jump three times“) the players are not supposed to act out the movement.
  3. If a child follows a command that does not start with “Simon sayshe or she gets eliminated and has to sit down.
  4. Simon then keeps issuing out commands until all the players but one has been eliminated.
  5. The person left standing is the winner and gets to be Simon in the next round.

Other ways to play

To make the game a bit more hysterical (always a good idea!) you can add the extra stressfull rule of that the last player to execute a correctly ordered command from Simon gets eliminated. This pretty much becomes a lightning round of Simon Says since one player gets eliminated with every “Simon says…”-command. Super fun though.

However be sure to have someone judging whom the last person to execute the command actually is. Otherwise cheating and cranky kids easily occur with this one!

Do you know of other fun ways to play Simon Says? The comments are right down below if you feel keen to share 🙂


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