1. To begin with

On this page we will go through how your personal data is stored and processed at savedtheparty.com. We intend to be as transparent as possible with how the information we keep from your visit is treated. Always know that if you have any questions regarding how your information is treated or regarding our Privacy Policy you can always contact us via e-mail at hello [@] savedtheparty.com.

2. Who are we?

The website this Privacy Policy regards is www.savedtheparty.com. The owner of the website is Christoffer Orre.

3. What data are we collecting from you?

Through the site (www.savedtheparty.com) we collect different kind of personal infromation regarding your visit depending on what services of the site you use.

3.1 Information in Comments and E-Mail Messages

When a visitor posts a comment on the website we collect the information that is shown in the comment field. Other than that we also keep the users IP-adress as well as a so called “user agent string” to help us detect and prevent spam-messages.

Other than that a scrambled string of data gets created from your e-mail-adress. This string is sent to the service Gravatar in exchange for a check to see if you´re e-mail-adress is registered with Gravatar. If so then you´re profile picture will be shown in coalition with your posted comment. Gravatars Privacy Policy can be found at https://automattic.com/privacy.

3.2 Cookies

When visiting www.savedtheparty.com we use different so called cookies to temporary store information about you and your visit to the site. For a detailed walk-through of the cookies we use please se our Cookie Policy.

3.3 Data for analysis of visitors and patters

Through the use of the analytics tool Google Analytics we save both overall information such as how many people that are actually visiting the site. We also save more detailed information regarding country of origin, visitor platform, sub-pages visited etc. This information is however not traceable back to any specific individual or any IP-adress.

3.4 Data for customized advertising

Many of the ads shown on the site is derived from the ad-tool Google AdSense. Within the use and display of ads Google and their advertising partners are given the possibility to collect, receive and use information regarding the sites visitors for the purpose of displaying tailored ads based on the users earlier visited websites, webb usage patterns etc. The full list of advertising suppliers and suppliers of the technology used for delivering the ads to www.savedtheparty.com through Google AdSense is listed here

4. Embedded content from other websites

Some of the text and articles on www.savedtheparty.com may contain so called embedded content that is actually stored on other web domains or services (videos, images and text). These websites and/or services may collect information about you, use their own cookie-files and embed further tracking tracking from third party companies to supervise your interaction with said content. This also includes tracking of your interaction with said content if you are a member of the site or service in question and happen to be logged in trough the browser you are currently using to visit our website.

5. With whom do we share your information?

Apart from the data collected and shared as described in “3. What data are we collecting from you?” we do not share your information with anyone else.

6. How long do we keep your information?

Information posted with comments or e-mails are kept indefinite. If you wish for us to delete your information or your comment please contact us through e-mail at hello [@] savedtheparty.com.

7. What rights do you have regarding the information we collect about you?

If you have ever commented or e-mailed us you have the right to demand an export file containing all your personal information we might have kept. Including the actual posted content through comments or e-mail. You also have the right to demand that we remove and delete all of your stored personal information. This however does not include occasions when said information needs to be saved because of administrative, legal or security reasons.

8. Where do we send your information?

Any information you may post in either comments or via e-mail is kept within savedtheparty.com and is not shared with anyone else. This however excludes the encrypted sharing of your e-mail-adress with the Gravatar-service as described in paragraph 3.

9. Request your contact information

If you have any questions, feeling unsure how we treat your personal information or if you like to reveice an export file including the information we may have collected about you please send us an e-mail at hello [@] savedtheparty.com.

10. How do we protect your information?

The website (www.savedtheparty.com) is protected with several  technologies for safe login. The website is based on the WordPress-platform and is immediately updated whenever new security updates are released to prevent any data breaches.

11. What are your procedures in case of a data breach?

In the case of a confirmed data breach this will clearly be information to all visitors directly on the site, including all sub-pages.