Pinata Party Game

How to play - Break the Pinata - Birthday Party Game

In case you have ever wondered, this is how to play and perform the noble art of smashing a cardboard donkey or any other brightly colored paper figurine hanging from a tree!

Few things party are as classic as the Pinata. From usually only existing in the shape of a donkey pinatas now come in all kinds of different forms an sizes! Making it both a great game and a super party decoration!

You will need

  • One or more Pinatas! They come in roughly half a million different variations. We recommend using one that suits the theme of the party. If you can´t pick. Get the donkey! Pinatas can be picked up at most party-like stores.
  • A stick (preferably wooden) that can break the Pinata.
  • Something to hang the Pinata up with. A semi thick piece of string usually works great.
  • Candy and lollies to fill the Pinata with. Preferably things wrapped in paper or plastic since they will end up on the ground.


Before the party starts fill the Pinata with candy. This is usually done through a hole on the back, covered with a sticker. Now either hang the Pinata up right away (over a tree branch or in a lamp hook etc.). You can also keep the Pinata on a table for decorative purposes during the party (and smash it towards the end)

Please note! Kids sometimes (and by sometimes we mean always) gets just a bit more wild than normal around Pinatas. Probably because they are meant to be broken! …the Pinatas, not the kids. So try and keep an eye on the Pinata if it is hung up before it´s supposed to be used. Just in case one sugar-super-charged kid sets out to smash it before showtime.

How to play (brake?) The Pinata Game

  1. If you haven’t already. Make sure the Pinata is hanging from the ceiling/tree or your place of choice. Have it hanging just a little bit above a comfortable hitting height for a child, making the game a bit more challenging.
  2. Line all the participants up. Usually the birthday child goes first. Have the line begin around 10 feet away from the Pinata.
  3. Put a blindfold on the first child in line and gently spin him or her around three times.
  4. Now hand the blindfolded player the wooden stick and line the player up facing the Pinata.
  5. The goal is for the blindfolded player to make his or her way to the Pinata and smash it using the stick. Usually the players gets two tries to hit the Pinata. If a player aren’t able to hit, the blindfold and wooden stick gets handed to the next player in line.
  6. As soon as one player gets a good hit and brakes the Pinata open the game is over (yes, a lot of preparations for a possibly lousy pay off in game time, anyhow…).
  7. While candy are falling from the Pinata the plan is for all the kids to run up to it and collect as much candy as possible. Be sure the blindfolded player has stopped hitting before any kids runs up to the Pinata!
  8. For a more even distribution of candy make i´ts great to have a backup candy stash for handing out more candy to the kids not being able to grab as much from the broken Pinata.

Game options

To make the game a bit more challenging keep holding on to the other side of the rope the Pinata is hung up by. This makes it possible to adjust the height of which Pinata is hanging while the players are trying to hit it!

To make the game a bit more including, at least when it comes to the candy-situation, make small bags with all the kids namnes on it and place in the Pinata. This way a lot of he/she got more candy crying will be eliminated. Which is always a plus.

Do you have any other good variations on the Pinata game? Please let us know in the comments below!


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