Food On A String

How To Play - Food On A String - Birthday Party Game

Extremely entertaining game where the players of two teams has to eat a piece of food or candy hanging from a string. Without using their hands!

Seeing people trying to eat without using their hands or any accessories like knifes and forks is always a blast. In this game the goal can be altered quite a bit depending on what you intent the participants to try and eat. For apples it´s usually ok to crown the first team being able to all take a bite the winners. However in the case of using marshmallows (for example) it´s probably better to have all the participants finish the whole thing.

Important! Keep in mind that this game involves eating. Always consider the age of the kids playing and make sure to supervise the game closely to prevent any choking.

You need

  • Something edible that can be hung from a piece of string. Donuts, apples, marshmallows etc. Decide on a single piece of food or candy for all players. You need one edible item for each player.
  • A few pieces of string.
  • A good place to strap the string of hanging food from. Preferably a bit up in the air (in between two trees usually makes a good location). If you can´t find a good location two adults holding each end of the string also works just fine.


First tie a short piece of string around each edible item of choice. Using a needle usually makes it easy to get the thread throw the food/candy. Then tie the shorter strings (with the items on) to a long piece of string.

Repeat the above process one more time so you have two pieces of string with food hanging from them (one for each team).

How to play Food On A String

  1. Divide the players up in two teams.
  2. Now either hold or hang up the pieces of string so that the food is about the height of the children’s faces.
  3. On the count of three the goal is for each child to eat the piece of food hanging in front of them. However they are not allowed to use their hands!
  4. Depending on the type of food you’ve hung up, the goal of the game can change. If there are donuts or marshmallows hanging the goal is usually to finish off the whole treat. However for apples (for example) the goal could instead be to simply be able to take a bite from the apple (it´s not easy!).
  5. The team whose piece of string gets empty (or have bites in all the apples for example) is the winning team!

Game options

The game can be varied in many ways simply by changing the items being hung up. The older the kids playing are usually the trickier things to eat can be hung up.

If you´re into messy parties we recommend using cotton candy. It´s hilariously bonkers messy. The kids love it.

Important (again): Please remember that since this game is about eating, be sure to closely supervise the kids playing to minimize any risk of choking etc.!

What did you end up using for this game? Please share your thoughts on different types of fun edible things to hang dangling from a tree!


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