Feely Bag (Guessing Game)


Simple and very entertaining guessing game where you put an item inside a fabric bag and have the players guessing what´s inside!

The short snippet above pretty mush says it all. This is also a perfect theme-adaptable game where you can put different themed things inside the bag depending on the type of occasion. See Game options (down below) for more ideas!

You need

  • A smaller bag made out of fabric or any other soft material. The bag needs to be large enough to fit any item you intend to put in it.
  • A second bigger bag (or box) large enough to hold all the items at the same time (for hiding the items away from the kids).
  • Items to put in the bag. It can be anything from lollies, Lego bricks and toy trains to stuffed animals, video-game controllers or cellphones. As long as the item fits inside the bag it´s a go.


Put all the items you have picked out into the larger bag (or box) so that no one will be able to see them. That´s about it.

How to play Feely Bag

  1. Have all the participants sit down with you. Either on the floor or by a table.
  2. Put one of the items in the smaller, soft fabric bag (without anyone seeing the item!).
  3. Now have the first player put his or her hand into the bag and feel the item.
  4. The goal is for the player to guess what item it is.
  5. If the player makes a correct guess you show the item to everyone and the player gets one point.
  6. If the player makes an incorrect guess or have no idea what the item might be the turn goes to the next player.
  7. When all the items are correctly guessed the winner is the player having the most points (i.e. most number of correct guesses)!

Game options

This is a great game to vary depending on the type of party or occasion you´re hosting. If the theme of the party is Super Heros there is probably already a handful (most likely more) action figurines lying around the house in shape of The Hulk, Spider-man etc. Throw them in the bag and have the kids guessing the correct Super Hero!

Or if it´s a Police Party handcuffs, plastic batons, walkie-talkies and other police-related equipment usually makes great items to use for the guessing game.

Also consider that the older (or bolder) the kids are, the creepier and weirder things can be put in the bag! A small motor-powered spider is a great way of freaking out most people playing. Including adults. The sky´s the limit 😉

Different rules: The rules of the game can very easily be altered depending ont the situation. Another variation of the game is to let all the players have a guess on what the item in the bag can be. When everyone has made their guesses you reveal the item and all the players with correct answers gets a point.

Do you have other ideas of how to play the Feely Bag guessing game? Or maybe some great thoughts for what to put inside the bag? Please let us know in the comments below!


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