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Who are we?

Me who runs this website is called Christoffer. I´m from Sweden (yup, Sweden) where I work as an entrepreneur and IT-geek running a tech-website as my main occupation.

The idea for Saved The Party originates from my own frustration of trying to find a good selection of birthday games for my own kids parties. In fact there are many great sites out there providing awesome party game ideas. However what I was never able to find was a site focusing on providing easy to read and easy to follow instructions for party games –  neatly sorted and without to much blog-like text surrounding the instructions.

No offence to all you amazing bloggers and influencers out there providing the coolest and most awesome story driven ideas to great parties. I guess I´m just one of those (sometimes) stressed out parents that every now and then wants quick help finding some good party games. The basic thought to why I started Saved The Party was that I could hardly be alone with this problem.