Chubby Bunny

How to Play Chubby Bunny - Birthday - Party - Game - Kids

Challenge the party members to a game of Chubby Bunny! It´s a very simple yet extremely entertaining game. Squeeze loads of marshmallow into your mouth, then try to say “Chubby Bunny”!

The above text pretty much says it all. However there is a bit more finesse to this game than actually just stuffing your mouth with soft, sugar candy.

Very important: Since this game involves eating there is always a potential risk of someone choking. If you are not comfortable or able to supervise the game or have any doubts regarding what to in case of choking we recommend not playing this game. We also believe and recommend that no kids younger than nine years of age should be playing this game.

You need

  • Lots of marshmallows. The size of the marshmallows doesn’t matter that much. Small ones usually makes the game go on a bit longer though.
  • A big bowl to put all the marshmallows in.
  • A second bowl or a bag for leftover marshmallows that gets spat out.


Pour all the marshmallows into the big bowl. Place the bowl either on a table or on the floor, depending on where you are going to play the game. Then have all participating kids sit down around the bowl of marshmallows.

Very important (again): Take note that when playing with food there is always a risk of choking. Be sure to watch the kids playing properly. We do not recommend this game for kids younger than nine years of age.

How to play Chubby Bunny

  1. Have all the kids take on marshmallow from the bowl.
  2. Tell the kids to simultaneously put the marshmallow in their mouths. Also make sure they know that they are not to eat it.
  3. Now have the kids, one by one, say “Chubby Bunny” (which obviously sounds a bit funny since they have a marshmallow in their mouths).
  4. The kids that can say “Chubby Bunny” in a clear(ish) way moves on to the next round.
  5. The ones failing to pronounce “Chubby Bunny” gets eliminated (they can eat or spit out their marshmallow).
  6. For the remaining players again pass the bowl of marshmallows around and have the kids stuff another marshmallow into their cheeks. Then repeat the process of trying to say “Chubby Bunny“.
  7. The game continues to repeat until there is only one kid with marshmallow filled cheeks left. He or she is the winner.

Game options

If you want to make the game a bit mor challenging you can add the rule that any player laughing while trying to say “Chubby Bunny” gets eliminated.


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