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New Games

How to Play Chubby Bunny - Birthday - Party - Game - Kids

Chubby Bunny

Challenge the party guests to a game of Chubby Bunny! A simple yet extremely fun game where the goal is to squeeze marshmallow into your mouth!

Birthday Animals

Birthdays and animals usually go well together. In this simple game you replace some of the Happy Birthday lyrics with animal sounds! This is how to play!
How To Play Red Rover, Red Rover - Birthday Party Game - Kids

Red Rover, Red Rover!

Red Rover might not be a game for the fainthearted. However it´s usually lots of fun! Try and brake through the other team´s chain of holding hands!

Feely Bag (Guessing Game)

Simple and very entertaining guessing game where you put an item inside a fabric bag and have the players guessing what´s inside! This is how to play!

Wrap The Mummy

Silly and really fun game where the goal is to cover a teammate up with toilet paper. Making him or her look like a mummy! This is how to play!

Simon Says

Simon Says is the classic game where all the players have to imitate the one being Simon - that is if Simon says "Simon Says" before telling players what to do!
How To Play - Food On A String - Birthday Party Game

Food On A String

Extremely entertaining game where the players of two teams has to eat a piece of food hanging from a string. Without using their hands! This is how to play!
How to play - Chopsticks Party Game - Birthday - Kids

The Chopsticks Game

Moving items (or candy) from one bowl to another using only chopsticks can be quite challenging - making it a great party game! This is how to play!

Pinata Party Game

Few things party are as classic as the Pinata! This is how to play and perform the noble art of smashing a cardboard donkey hanging from a tree!

Like An Animal

In Like An Animal the children acts out animal movements to music! A great game for younger kids to learn more about animals, their movements and dancing!

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